Wyvern is an out-of-print collectible card game featuring dragons and wyverns battling for treasure. The game was produced by U.S. Games Systems, with the first, "Premiere Limited", card set launched in January 1995. In 1997, the "Kingdom Unlimited" edition was released, featuring 277 cards, and marking the end of production.

Game overview

Wyvern is a two player game with two decks per player (with each player supplying his or her own two decks). One of the decks, the Dragon Lair Draw Pile, consists of dragon and terrain cards. The other deck, the Treasure Horde Draw Pile, consists of action and treasure cards.

Players begin with 6 face-down dragon and terrain cards on the battlefield, as well as 25 gold painted pieces. The game ends when one player no longer has any dragon or terrain cards in play; this player is the loser. At the end of the game, a scoring system is used which rewards players for resourceful use of their assets (25 points + 1 [point for each gold piece remaining). The loser scores his remaining gold pieces divided by 2, rounded down. Multiple games are typically played to form a match, which ends when one player reaches a certain score. The objective is thus to defeat the opponent's army while expending as few of one's own resources as possible.

Each turn, players can perform limited card movement, play actions, and initiate a single battle. As play progresses, dragon and terrain cards which were turned face down are turned face up and the cost to do so is paid. Conceptually, one wants to defeat the opponent's cards using the appropriate counter-measures. Dragons defeat weaker dragons, but are vulnerable to terrain effects. Very weak dragons called scouts are designed to defeat terrain, but guessing where an opponent has a terrain card (when face-down) can be difficult. Dragons can be augmented with treasure for an additional cost, but running out of gold is a constant peril.

In 1996 Mark Justice, a former champ of the 1995 U.S. National Magic tournament, won $1,000 for the 1996 Pacific Coast Championship for Wyvern. Previously, Justice had never played a game of Wyvern but remarked "It's basically Stratego with Giant Growths" and that "once he figured that out, it was simply a matter of applying the skills I learned in Magic."

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