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2021 Panini Mosaic NFL Football Cello Multi Pack Box

2021 Panini Mosaic NFL Football Cello Multi Pack Box


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2021 Panini Mosaic NFL Football Cello Multi Pack Box

  • 12 packs per box
  • 15 cards per pack

Look for 3 Mosaic Pink Camo Parallels per pack on average.

After an immensely popular debut, Mosaic Football is back in 2021. Loaded with parallels, inserts and autographs of all the best rookies, current stars and retired legends the NFL has to offer.

Hunt For brand new case hit inserts: Busted, Glass Mosaic, Storm Chasers, Masquerade Ballers.

Chase all the hottest new rookies including Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, DeVonta Smith and many more!

BASE: Collect a 300-card base set with all the top stars and retired legends the NFL has to offer!

BASE ROOKIES MOSAIC WHITE: Find top draft picks from the 2021 NFL Draft and hunt for all their limited parallels!

BASE SUPER BOWL MVPS MOSAIC GOLD: A brand new insert in Mosaic 2021, Base Super Bowl MVPs celebrates the players who have reached the Penultimate Accomplishment in football, Super Bowl MVP.

AUTOGRAPHS MOSAIC: Hunt for autographs of the top players in the NFL in Autographs Mosaic.

STARE MASTERS MOSAIC BLUE: If looks could kill, Stare Masters brings together some of the most intense competitors in the NFL.

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS MOSAIC BLACK: Hunt for Rookie Autographs Mosaic, featuring the best rookies in the 2021 NFL Draft.

BUSTED: Busted is a brand new insert in Mosaic 2021. Collectors will have a chance to bring home a little bit of Canton, with these die-cut cards of legendary busts from some of the greatest names in Canton.


  • Base Silver
  • Base Mosaic
  • Mosaic Red
  • Mosaic Blue (#’d/99)
  • Mosaic Purple (#’d/49)
  • Mosaic White (#’d /25)
  • Mosaic Gold (#’d /10)
  • Mosaic Black One-of-One


  • Base Rookies Silver
  • Base Rookies Mosaic
  • Base Rookies Mosaic Red
  • Base Rookies Mosaic Blue (#’d/99)
  • Base Rookies Mosaic Purple (#’d/49)
  • Base Rookies Mosaic White (#’d/25)
  • Base Rookies Mosaic Gold (#’d/10)
  • Base Rookies Mosaic Black One-of-One


  • Base Super Bowl MVPs Silver
  • Base Super Bowl MVPs Mosaic
  • Base Super Bowl MVPs Mosaic Red
  • Base Super Bowl MVPs Mosaic Blue (#’d/99)
  • Base Super Bowl MVPs Mosaic Purple (#’d/49)
  • Base Super Bowl MVPs Mosaic White (#’d/25)
  • Base Super Bowl MVPs Mosaic Gold (#’d/10)
  • Base Super Bowl MVPs Mosaic Black One-of- One


  • Autographs Mosaic
  • Autographs Mosaic Gold (#’d/10)
  • Autographs Mosaic Black One-of-One


  • Stare Masters Silver
  • Stare Masters Mosaic
  • Stare Masters Mosaic Blue (#’d/99)
  • Stare Masters Mosaic Purple (#’d/49)
  • Stare Masters Mosaic White (#’d/25)
  • Stare Masters Mosaic Gold (#’d/10)
  • Stare Masters Mosaic Black


  • Rookie Autographs Mosaic
  • Rookie Autographs Mosaic Gold (#’d/10)
  • Rookie Autographs Mosaic Black One-of-One


  • Straight Fire Silver
  • Straight Fire Mosaic
  • Straight Fire Mosaic Blue (#’d/99)
  • Straight Fire Mosaic Purple (#’d/49)
  • Straight Fire Mosaic White (#’d/25)  
  • Straight Fire Mosaic Gold (#’d/10)
  • Straight Fire Mosaic  Black One-of-One


  • Center Stage Silver
  • Center Stage Mosaic
  • Center Stage Mosaic Blue (#’d/99)
  • Center Stage Mosaic Purple (#’d/49)
  • Center Stage Mosaic White (#’d/25) 
  • Center Stage Mosaic Gold (#’d/10)
  • Center Stage Mosaic Black One-of-One
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