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Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm

Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm


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Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm

So you want to know who you can play in our new Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm game? It's an awesome line up of all your favorite Marvel heroes, from skilled hand to hand combatants like Black Panther and Captain America, to blasters like Captain Marvel and Vision, to real powerhouses like Iron Man and the Hulk, and many more. There is a hero for every play style.

Maybe you like a to play a hero that excels at the long range game and kiting his opponents around the locations, like Hawkeye, or maybe you want to be mobile like Falcon, it's all up to the hero you pick.

The Battlerealm for our new Marvel Contest of Champions game consists of 40 location cards, only some of which you will use during a single game. The locations you can battle over are amazing, from the Arcane Arena to the Wakandan Necropolis, from the Avengers Tower to the Savage Lands. Each Battlerealm location has a separate PVP reward that a champion earns for moving to that location and a special ability that can be used by champions beginning their turn at that Battlerealm location.

  • 13 Champions to choose from
  • 92 Playable Cards
  • 6 Dice , 14 Standees
  • Rulebook
  • 40 different location tiles
  • Artwork comes directly from the mobile game
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