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Pokemon XY Fates Collide Booster Box

Pokemon XY Fates Collide Booster Box


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Pokemon TCG XY Fates Collide Booster Box

Mega Alakazam EX sees the future and shapes it to unify two worlds!

The Legendary Pokemon Zygarde arrives in many different Formes to bring order, together with Lugia BREAK, Mega Altaria EX, and Umbreon EX.

  • Over 120 cards
  • 5 new Pokémon BREAK featuring a recently introduced game mechanic
  • 13 new Pokémon-EX, including 3 Mega Evolution Pokémon
  • Featured Cards: Delphox BREAK, Alakazam-EX, M Alakazam-EX, Carbink BREAK, Zygarde-EX, Audino-EX, M Audino-EX
  • Each booster box contains 36 packs, each pack contains 10 cards.
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