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Vs System 2pcg: Shield Vs Hydra

Vs System 2pcg: Shield Vs Hydra


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Nick Fury! Black Widow! Sam Wilson as Captain America! Captain America as Hydra`s Supreme Leader! The Red Skull! Cosmic Cubes! Hail Hydra! Featuring over 200 playable cards across eight different team factions, the S.H.I.E.L.D vs HYDRA expansion for the VS System 2PCG takes cues from Marvel`s broad-spanning, deeply rooted Secret Empire story arc and introduces new teams, mechanics, and characters.

Epic competitive gameplay to pit your team of Allies against your opponents! Same style of gameplay as core set. Each Box comes with over 200 playable cards! PLUS 1 limited edition promo card! (first print run only). 8 new Main Characters and 28 new Supporting Characters to expand on the already robust Marvel VS content from previous releases. 'Low Barrier of Entry' for New Players. Customize your new team or enhance your existing one!

New Card Mechanics
Streamlined Gameplay
Easy to Learn, Difficual to Master
200 All New Cards
Full Color Rulesheet
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